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Niko Sinisgalli

Son of art, his passion for cooking started as a child when he was fascinated by his grandmother's cooking, and acquired the basis for traditional Italian cookery. From his father who took him to the market, he learned how to recognise and buy fresh and high-quality products.
Finally he met Don Alfonso and his historic school where creativity becomes culinary, expression and linguistic art. Indeed as far as Niko is concerned, cooking is more than just serving excellent dishes. It is the art of creation, the care in the detail, which goes from attending to the smallest particular to the preparation and presentation of the dish, as far as the atmosphere of the dining room, adorned with flowers and music. He and his assistants offer guests a unique experience in which tradition meets modern tendencies.
Creative cooking, healthy and natural, in pursuit of taste and refinement. The professionalism of this talented chef is enriched by his experience of various high-level international restaurants and numerous specialisation courses in cookery and patisserie at the Boscolo Etoile Culinary Arts Institute.