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Restaurants & Bars

If you could capture the flavour of Rome, it would be here in serenely beautiful Lobby at Palazzo Naiadi, where the world comes and goes and there’s always an espresso, a glass of Barolo or an authentic Caesar salad to be had. For a more intimate dining experience, choose the Tazio Restaurant; or head for the lively Champagnerie & Terrace, for a champagne cocktail on the piazza.

Breakfast is at La Frusta – our first floor restaurant inspired by the films of Fellini. And during the summer season, treat yourself to drinks, lunch or dinner on our fabulous rooftop terrace – a best-kept secret where the views are panoramic, sunset takes forever and life is for living.

Niko Sinisgalli

Our executive chef has a true passion for his craft and an attention to detail that extends from the daily-baked breads to sushi, locally-farmed meat and pasta, all executed to perfection and served with an innovative twist.