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5 Reasons to visit Rome

Monumental Beauty

Rome is a city rich with history and ancient monuments spread all over the Capital which are a constant reminder of its glorious past. Of course starting with the Colosseum, symbol of ancient Rome, where the spectators enjoyed Gladiator battles, to then reach the dome of the Pantheon, the Bernini Fountain in Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna with its famous steps and the Barcaccia Fountain, the obelisk in Piazza del Popolo, and the imposing Vittoriano of Porta Venezia. And who could forget the Trevi Fountain? The list of Rome's marvels is incredibly long, a great pretext for return visits to discover the architectural treasures of this magical city.

Artistic Heritage

The boundless number of works which celebrate the beauty of Rome's artistic heritage will leave you breathless. The city is an open-air museum in itself, containing masterworks by Raffaello, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Leonardo, which are on display in many of the churches and museums of the Capital. Permanent collections are not to be missed in many of the museum, starting with the Vatican Museums, are considered to be some of the most beautiful museum complexes in the world. In the Capitolini Museums you will see the splendours of Imperial era. Do not miss the National Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery and the Galleria Borghese. Worth a visit are the Quirinale stables, the Exhibition Building and the Bramante Courtyard with its unmissable temporary exhibitions with an international feel.

Just like in a film

Rome is the first choice of many film directors. Thousands of films have been filmed on the roads of the Capital, from the recent Oscar-winner "The Great Beauty" directed by Paolo Sorrentino, to legendary films such as "Roman Holiday" and "La Dolce Vita". It's hard not to understand the cinematographers who chose the city, a quick trip across town on a Vespa, or even on foot, is enough to feel a part of something big. Walking around the city you will recognise enigmatic locations from "Angels and Demons", and breathe the epic atmosphere of "Gladiator". Romantics will recognise the backdrops which formed the scene for "To Rome with Love" by Woody Allen, whereas action-lovers won't want to miss spying the city through the eyes of Sam Mendes in the latest 007 movie, following the gaze of the of Aston Martin in James Bond's hands.

A garden in the city

The grand park of Villa Borghese is the green heart of the City of Rome. Loved by Romans, who adore passing their free time here, appreciated by tourists and art lovers, drawn by the Galleria Borghese in which some of the masterpieces by Bernini, Canova, Tiziano and Rubens can be admired. You will be immersed in a relaxing atmosphere by wondering the paths of the park. Rent a boat to read a book on the artificial lake, reward yourself with a pause in the Biopark and in May don't miss the Horse Race in Piazza di Siena, one of the most famous in the world and with an International flavour.

Shopping from another time

Walking around the marvellous roads in the centre of Rome, among the fascinating boutiques in Via Margutta, Via Giulia, Via dei Banchi Vecchi and Via dei Coronari, you can find extremely rare antique items. Some of the unmissable cult shopping locations in Rome are undoubtedly the Tridente are with its famous Via Condotti, Via Borgognona, Via Frattina and the entire area surrounding Piazza di Spagna, with famous Jewellers and Ateliers of the biggest Italian and International stylists dotted all over the quarter.