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For its majesty, welcome and history, Palazzo Naiadi exceeds the simple definition of a 5-Star Luxury Hotel.
The building, redesigned by architect Maurizio Papiri and designer Adam D. Tihany, was built in the 19th Century, when Gaetano Koch constructed two twin buildings in the neoclassical style, one of which became the Palazzo Naiadi today.
The name evokes memories of the old name of the square and has its origins in the grande esedra inside the spa area of Imperial Rome, on which today's Piazza della Repubblica was planned. In the hotel's basement area the remains of the important Diocletian Baths are on display (298-305 A.D.). The Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels can be admired from the private surroundings of the impressive terrace.
In the ancient 16th Century granary of Pope Clementine some exceptional rooms have been created, retaining suggestive elements of old, mixed with modern comforts. Relax online in the silent cocoon created in all suites and rooms, take a swim surrounded by vestiges of the Imperial age in the Sky Bar & Terrace Pool, inspired by the meeting of water and air, the sky which covers the roofs of the Capital; every element of the Palazzo Naiadi has something magic about it.