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Curated experiences

A sidecar named Desire

What better way to live the dream in Rome than to tour the city streets with your beloved in a Vespa sidecar? 
Take this bespoke three-hour tour together in a sidecar, for an up-close, fresh-air view of Rome’s most romantic places, including the Garden of the Oranges and Villa Borghese.

Mannerist mysteries

Let us take you on a mystery tour through the doors of an exquisite chapel, so secret that you won’t learn its name and location until you arrive. Undiscovered by most visitors to Rome, this chapel is so superbly decorated that it has been compared to the Sistine Chapel.

The open road to Rome

Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your cheeks as you take to the streets in an expertly-driven golf cart. On this fun, private four-hour tour you will experience Rome as an open-air museum, taking in famous Renaissance façades, splendid neoclassical piazzas and baroque wonders.

Artist for a day

Create an original fresco or mosaic, roll up your sleeves with a pottery wheel or learn to paint like Caravaggio at our fabulous art workshops. While primarily for children aged five to 12, these two-hour private sessions offer fun and creativity for all the family.