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Art in the Hotel

Palazzo Naiadi tells the story of the "Thermae Diocletani", some of the most famous and elegant baths of the past, displaying the marvellous evidence from the excavation, such as the pool in the Diocletian Hall, the large tile mosaic floor in the foyer of the meeting area, or the octagonal fountain under the Michelangelo Hall. 
The Clementine Wing, the result of a transformation of the thermal "calidrum" in the storehouses of the Roman grain stores, still has the original wooden trusses on show, expertly salvaged and restored.
Staying at Palazzo Naiadi is also an opportunity to admire an important element of modern art: Mario Sironi's (1885-1961) solemn draft of Geografia, the rigid posture of a sitting woman, almost as if on a throne, with the world at her feet as the central element of the composition.