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Insider a Milano
The secret side of Milan

Away from the usual tourist trails in Milan, there are some astonishingly beautiful sights that are rather out of the ordinary and fascinating in many respects. In addition to the famous shopping district known as the “Quadrilateral of Fashion”, there is another area of a similar shape that is less renowned and more hidden away, but well worth visiting. It is known as the “Quadrilateral of Silence” and it is in the heart of the Art Nouveau part of the city, in the Porta Venezia area. The starting point for the tour is the arch on Via Salvini. From there, head towards Piazza Duse and make sure you keep looking up at the views of the palazzi and the flowers on the balconies. The most remarkable marvel on your tour awaits you at Villa Invernizzi on Via Cappuccini, where you will see a colony of pink flamingos peeping out at you. Subsequently, you will come across the 20th century architectural masterpieces Palazzo Fidia and Villa Necchi Campiglio, as well as hidden gardens that have inspired writers and artists.