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Hotel Art

Visitors are welcomed by a large, luxurious lobby with a rectangular shape and glass ceiling that opens up to the sky. A very light-coloured beige embraces the four levels looking over the courtyard, with architectural arches and decorative elements unique to each level.
The skilled, value-enhancing restoration is immediately noticeable, designed to create a delicate balance between ancient prestige and the most sophisticated contemporary design, in a surprising combination of styles.
Curved and rhythmic contours characterise the façades and columns, each finely decorated with natural themes. The stylistic components, the choice of materials and precious ornaments are what defines both the interior and exterior spaces.
Adorning the building façade, bronze sculptures of fiendish fauna, delicately worked wrought iron for the entrance gate framed by majestic stone telamons: a celebration of architectural detail that highlights the undisputed artistic value of this spectacular building.