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Weddings at Grand Hotel Dei Dogi

If Venice is the ultimate setting for a wedding, then Grand Hotel dei Dogi is the place to turn the Venetian wedding of your dreams into reality.

Come and talk to our wedding planner, who will oversee every detail, from menus to make-up, flowers to photography. Nothing is overlooked. We can arrange for the ceremony to be held under a canopy in our beautiful private gardens; and if you've pictured yourself taking a romantic trip around the canals on a gondola – or perhaps a burn in a motorboat around the lagoon – we can arrange that too.

For your reception, we can create colourful cocktails and canapés; or perhaps you'd prefer champagne and an intimate bespoke dinner served by candlelight, overlooking the water. We'll shape your wedding around you – and Venice will provide an unforgettable backdrop for your first photograph as a married couple.