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Insider a Venezia
Energizing voga

Energise your stay with a super-healthy breakfast followed by a two-hour lesson in how to row like a Venetian gondolier. The experience begins in our secret garden restaurant. Choose from fresh juices and smoothies, detox bites and protein-rich dishes to boost your energy for the day. Next you will embark on a 'batea da fresco', a typical local craft, for your hands-on lesson in traditional Venetian rowing technique – standing up, facing forward and pushing the single oar anchored on a ‘forcola’ or rowlock. In this unique and wonderful experience, your instructor will guide you through Venice’s secret canals, away from the crowded routes, catching little-known views and places that have shaped the history of the city.
Tuition is offered in Italian, English, French, Spanish or Russian. Wear comfortable, sporty clothes. In case of bad weather, waterproof gear can be provided.

From € 106 / person