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Discovering Venice

Let us lead you by the hand to show you the city built on a lagoon: its secret corners and unexpected views as well as its iconic art and architecture. 

By day, discover the churches and splendid gothic buildings that take you by surprise among the bays and squares. Take a boat to the islands (take a boat everywhere). Experience Venice's artisanal culture up close. Glassblowers and lacemakers; paper-marbling and leather-crafting; jewellers at work within their boutiques. Understand how contemporary art is inspired to thrive here, 500 years after the first flowering of the Renaissance. Find that too – in its earliest incarnation.  

By night, return to the hotel on foot beneath the porticoes of the historic ghetto. As the pavements ring with your footsteps, let the shadowy atmosphere transport you to the Venice of masks and music, theatre and history – endless secrets to be uncovered.