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Carlo IV

A splendid neo-Renaissance building which has preserved the best of its past, Carlo IV is a hotel that invites you to discover and explore the Prague of today. 

Its design takes the stuccoes, frescoes and precious antiques from another era and complements them with contemporary architecture and luxurious detailing. So everything feels as though it has come from somewhere... but is also going somewhere too. 

The hotel's 152 rooms and suites are all deeply comfortable and individually designed, mixing contemporary and antique pieces. Fine or relaxed dining are both on offer – choose whichever fits your mood. Our blue mosaic pool is a standout attraction for a city-centre hotel. And at the end of the day, there's nowhere quite like The Vault Bar – once the original bank vault, now a place to relax and savour the aromas and flavours of liqueurs and fine cognac.