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Prague is steeped in thrilling stories, and its gothic buildings enhance the enveloping atmosphere of magic and mystery. This is the city of Golem, whose body, legend tells, is kept in the Old-New Synagogue. The house of Faust, located at 40-41 Karlovo Namesti, is where the alchemist made his pact with the devil to gain eternal youth. Every part of the center has its storiesò ghosts, apparitions, mysterious disappearances animate the collective imagination in this emblematic capital. For those who want to discover the dark side of the city, there is even a museum with medieval torture instruments that were used on wizards and sorcerers. Prague, in terms of myths and legends, is an open air museum, with much to discover.


An inestimable historic and artistic heritage makes Prague one of the most admired European destinations throughout the world. The buildings, built in different styles from renaissance to cubism and art nouveau, speak of its past and of its profound tension towards the future. The nucleus of the historic center is the Square of the Old City (Staromstské námstí), with the impressive Town Hall Tower and Astronomic Clock, masterpiece of mechanics buildt at the beginning of the XV Century. A few hundred meters further on is the unmissable Charles Bridge, while from within the walls of the Castle rises the majestic Cathedral of San Vito. Another must-see is the Josefov, the Jewish ghetto of Prague, with its mysterious streets and alleys. The quarter of Malà Strana is a small city-within-a-city, a baroque jewel with small squares, splendid buildings and romantic corners. In the New City, however, the symbol of modern Prague awaits: the Dancing House, an architectural story that speaks to the opening of the city to change.


If you would like to bring home an exclusive souvenir, the choice is clear: the crystal of Bohemia has a centuries-long tradition and international fame. In Prague you can see numerous forms and colors, from reproductions of the crystal of the epoch of Rudolph IV to more modern pieces. The historic producers and most famous are Moser and Egermann, while Artel has contemporary designs.


The Prague nights are captivating, and the city center holds an exceptional concentration of jazz clubs, restaurants, beer halls, clubs and discos. In the evening, Wenceslas Square transforms into one of the most exciting scenes of nightlife for young people in Europe. Live-music lovers go to Zizkov, the quarter with the highest concentration of night spots. For those to are looking for a relaxed atmosphere can, instead, opt for an intimate dinner in Malà Strana, then take a walk on the Carlo Bridge while listening to street musicians.


Petrin Hill, that dominates the city, is one of the gardens most loved by the inhabitants of the place, as well as an adored lovers' walk. So romantic that it even has a panoramic tower inspired by the Tour Eiffel. From here the panorama is breathtaking, and offers an evokative view of the Old City, the New City, Malá Strana, the Castle and the romantic flow of the Vltava River.