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Splendid modernist testimony, the Boscolo Prague was designed by Austrian architect Wölf. The neo-classic facade recalls the National Theater and the National Museum. Its first resident was the Czech Savings and Loan Bank, demonstrated by the inscription HYPOTECNI BANKA CESKA on the exterior.
During the communist regime it because the central seat of the Czechoslovakian Postal Service. After years of neglect, thanks to the restructuration and restoration work on the part of Boscolo Hotels and architects Maurizio Papiri, Adam D. Tihany and Simone Micheli, today it represents one of the most renowned 5 Star Luxury Hotels of Prague.
Traces of the old bank have found a counterpart in the interventions of contemporary style, created with the use of metal and glass, giving the spaces a luminosity. In the rooms, the bed headboards are original, dating to the first half of the XIX Century, as are some tablets, decorated with period frescoes, all masterfully restored.