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Art in the hotel

Within the hotel, Modernist influences – particularly Art Nouveau – are seen side by side with classical ideas and decorative finishes that are of Renaissance inspiration.

The lobby is characterised by discreet tones of white on the ceilings and friezes, and ornamented with alabaster columns, gilt stuccoes and braids, cupids and coats of arms. A staircase with a wrought-iron railing from the late 19th century leads to the upper floors, customised with pairs of slender columns surmounted by Corinthian capitals. The original brass chandeliers, of elegant deco style, create a warm and enveloping atmosphere.
The antique vault of the bank, with its original riveted steel ceiling, has been transformed into an unusual Vault Bar. Ten armoured cabinets hold a collection of bottles with prestigious labels, for the enjoyment of guests.